Neighborhood Info &<br>Sightseeing MAP

Neighborhood Information and Sightseeing MAP

Information on sightseeing in Suo Oshima and other areas of the Seto Inland Sea

We introduce information and sightseeing information around Setonoututu.
Our easily accessible location allows you to visit Suo Oshima as well as sightseeing spots such as Onomichi and Shimonoseki.

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Riki Sushi

This sushi restaurant is located in a quaint Japanese-style house. The signature dish, jumbo sushi, features a 20 cm piece of fresh neta on top of rice that is twice the size of normal rice, a volume that is hard to find anywhere else. The price is also reasonable, with jumbo sushi and soup included in the set for the low price of 1,650 yen. Reservations are required due to the restaurant's popularity.

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Juehiro Shokudo

Located in front of Iwakuni Station, Jueihiro Shokudo serves delicious old-fashioned Chinese noodles based on pork bone and soy sauce. Known as Iwakuni's soul food, it has a reputation as "the place to go for Iwakuni ramen." Its rich, yet not cloying, old-fashioned Chinese noodles are loved by people from inside and outside of Iwakuni. If you are looking for ramen in Iwakuni City, why not stop by Juehiro Restaurant first?

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Irori Sanzoku

The restaurant offers a variety of exquisite dishes, including the famous "Sanzoku-yaki" and "Sanzoku Udon" that make you want to go out of your way to eat them. The "Sanzoku musubi," the best rice ball to finish off your meal, is also very popular because it is different from ordinary rice balls. The restaurant's atmospheric, mountain hut-inspired interior will whet your appetite and allow you to experience traditional Japanese culture and the spirit of the Japanese people firsthand.