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Neighborhood Information and Sightseeing MAP

Information on sightseeing in Suo Oshima and other areas of the Seto Inland Sea

We introduce information and sightseeing information around Setonoututu.
Our easily accessible location allows you to visit Suo Oshima as well as sightseeing spots such as Onomichi and Shimonoseki.

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Onomichi, a city facing the Seto Inland Sea, is characterized by its retro townscape, labyrinthine hillside alleys, and a mix of temples, shrines, and private homes, and was recognized as a Japanese Heritage site in 2015 as a "Hakoniwa-like City. The Shimanami Kaido is located here, attracting attention from Japan and abroad as a town for cyclists, and the historic retro townscape, including Senkoji Temple and the Onomichi Main Street shopping street, is full of attractions.

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ONOMICHI U2 is a vast space renovated from a shipping warehouse and equipped with restaurants, bars, cafes, lifestyle stores, and other facilities. It is the first hotel in Japan where guests can check in with their bicycles in hand, and it also has a store selling some of the world's leading bicycle brands, making it a perfect base for cycling along the Setouchi-Shimanami Kaido. The hotel is also equipped with rental bicycles for guests only.