Neighborhood Info &<br>Sightseeing MAP

Neighborhood Information and Sightseeing MAP

Information on sightseeing in Suo Oshima and other areas of the Seto Inland Sea

We introduce information and sightseeing information around Setonoututu.
Our easily accessible location allows you to visit Suo Oshima as well as sightseeing spots such as Onomichi and Shimonoseki.

Neighborhood Information

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Restaurant Green Garden

This restaurant was created in the motif of a popular restaurant on Kauai Island. The restaurant offers a comprehensive selection of Suo Oshima's cuisine, including Hawaiian dishes, specialties such as mikan nabe (mandarin orange stew) and tachio fish kagamizari, and local delicacies such as jinda miso and Setouchi ramen iriko soba. The spacious interior can accommodate both individual customers and groups.

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Kawai sushi

Visit KŌTOSHI for live fish dishes using plenty of Suo Oshima's local fish. The fish is purchased from fishermen who catch the fish by itself, and fresh fish is prepared for you. Kaisen Chirashi, using especially fresh sushi items, is a popular menu item loved by people of all ages. The hotel is located right in front of the town's athletic field, so it can also be used as a base for training camps.

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Samurai Tea House Hikouemon Oshima Main Store

This is a new landmark of Suo Oshima that is both a restaurant and a souvenir shop. We offer delicious and fun dishes such as "Bakudan Onigiri", "Shuriken Gyoza", and "Nakuzashi Tsudzashi Chidzashi" that will please everyone from small children to the elderly. For dessert, we recommend the Seto no Bride Taiyaki, a new type of Japanese style taiyaki that looks too good to eat.

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Setouchi Jams Garden & Farm

We make high quality jams entirely by hand using seasonal fruits on the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. We hope you will enjoy our jams that take advantage of the individuality and diversity of the fruit, which changes with the conditions of the fields from year to year, and that are carefully selected at the optimum time of harvest. The handmade jams are also available for sale, making them perfect as souvenirs.

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Yushoku Shobo Chidori Honten

Using the bounty of the Seto Inland Sea, we are known for our original island cuisine that focuses on the taste of fresh, seasonal ingredients. Enjoy a variety of specialties unique to Suo Oshima, such as the oldfashioned taste of "simmered dishes straight from grandma," mandarin orange hot pot, and mirror-plated hachio fish. We hope you will enjoy our chefs' skills and the atmosphere of a stylish hideaway.

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In addition to our signature pizza, we offer not only Italian cuisine, but also creative dishes using ingredients from the four seasons of Japan, carefully selected from local ingredients and producers whose faces you can see, to provide safe and secure food. Our handmade log house restaurant overlooking the ocean offers a homey atmosphere for families, families with children, couples, or just one person.

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Aloha Orange is a Hawaiian restaurant on Suo Oshima Island in Yamaguchi Prefecture, offering a menu of dishes carefully prepared by meat professionals using only the finest ingredients, including the popular Gang Bowl, which is made by grilling high-quality Japanese red beef over high heat in one go. Enjoy to your heart's content the authentic Hawaiian cuisine prepared by professionals who know meat inside and out.

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Re:seto is a popular spot on Suo Oshima where you can enjoy a relaxing lunch or café while gazing out at the ocean. The spacious terrace seats offer a beautiful view of the Seto Inland Sea, making you feel as if you are visiting a resort. The popular paella is a generous portion of seafood, and the desserts are crispy on the outside and delicious on the inside. For dessert, we recommend the Dutch Baby, which is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

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Roadside Station Southern Seto Towa

The information center provides information on Suo Oshima, and offers a wide variety of specialties unique to Suo Oshima, such as Oshima mandarins and marine products from the Seto Inland Sea. In addition to souvenirs, you can enjoy freshly caught local fish at the restaurant inside the facility.

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Zushiagahama Beach

Zushigahama Beach, which, like Katazoekehama Beach, is the earliest beach to open in Yamaguchi Prefecture, is located in the Suo Oshima Town Youth Travel Village, designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and includes simple lodging cabins and camping facilities. The village offers not only swimming, but also fishing, mandarin orange picking, hiking, cycling, and other experiences that bring visitors into contact with nature.

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Katazoegahama Beach

Katazoegahama Beach is the earliest beach to open in Yamaguchi Prefecture. It is said to be one of the most transparent beaches in Suo Oshima, and its beauty has been selected as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches by the Ministry of the Environment. Along the coast there are auto campgrounds, hot springs, resort hotels, and other facilities that attract many visitors not only during the summer bathing season, but also as a resort area all year round.